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Lemurian Granite Kitchen

Name Product: Lemurian Granite
Also Known since :
Stone Type : Natural Stone
Thickness : 2 cm – 3 cm
Slab Length : 110
Slab Height : 110
Slab Square Foot : 100
Water Absorption : 0.41 – 0.34 By Weight %
Finish : Honed, Tumbled and Polished
Colors : Multicolors
Pattern : _
Prices : $154 for each rectangle base
Origins : India

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops and bars, Interior Floors, rainy-day and outside medal Interior and Exterior roadblock or Floor applications, Kitchen Backsplash, factor, lavabo, Water Falls, roadblock Capping,, Shelves Bathrooms, Cover cabinets and all other Architectural Applications
Home designer Comment :  Lemurian Granite is solitary of the the majority abundant and opulent of the spontaneously occurring stones courtesy of its intricate patterns and hues.  This amazing gemstone is a all the rage amount in support of floorings, pavements, walls and countertops and fits anywhere be it your kitchen countertops, living scope, bathroom, floor tiles, tarmac gemstone, shortening, stair treads, building cover, graveyard ,monuments and many more

Lemurian Granite gives a very plush, down-to-earth and premium look to your kitchen countertops. Plus helps create a relaxed and soothing aura in your back home, especially in your kitchen design.  Lemurian Granite is without a glitch suited in support of copious exposed spaces as well as avant-garde back home design.

Lemurian Granite countertops

Lemurian Granite adds more subtlety to the unbroken natural environment as of its simplicity and this granite is lovely option in support of individuals who wish for to promote to a statement with no getting loud. Besides,  this humbling granite can be used to create the feeling of cordiality in a kitchen or bathroom and brightening things up in universal. It is plus flexible and blends with a few furniture way.

Lemurian Granite is associated with energy and so imparts a very energetic and exciting feel to the picture. It is plus used in support of decorative purposes and is considered the oldest granite used by humanity as of its declare in the granite meaning spiritual.

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